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No. NOTATAnONS OF IMPORTANCE None CERT1FICAT10N OF TRANSLATOR S COMPETENCE I. hereby certify that the above is an accurate translation of the original birth certificate in. and that I am competent in both English and to render such translation. - Signatureof Translator Date Printed or typed name of the translator in full language of the original certificate ---Note A copy of the original document should be attached to this summary translation form and certification.. TRANSLAnON OF BIRTH...
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, am transcribing this affidavit on behalf of my child as a representative of my family. I make this affidavit for the purpose of supporting the claim of my child who is in third world countries without an adequate educational resources as a result of our lack of awareness towards human rights in general and especially when it concerns child rights and the promotion of development and the promotion of education in particular. --Place: (city/town) (state/province) (country) (month) (day) (year) (first) (middle) (last) (first) (middle) (last) --Date: 1. BIRTH DATE: 12/6/03 in the county of West Jutland, Denmark. 2. FATHER'SNAME: A.B. 3 . MOTHER'S NAME: A.B. 4 . CERnFICATE ISSUED: 7/23/2004 (PID-01-09) (CERF-061-04) I: INTRODUCTION 5 I. My name is (*): A.B. D.E. N.D. O.B./G.E. P.O/N.1. R.C. E.A. T.L. N.H. M.N. I.E. 3 1. I came to Denmark in February 2003. In this brief statement, I tell you what has happened to me because I want everyone to know what has happened to me and the fact that there has been no action taken in the Danish government. I want to tell the Danish people that their government is not protecting me and my child in our country and in other countries. 2. I have been in Norway for about 7 years as a guest worker as a child and a worker (student) from a country where human rights and civil liberties are respected and a country of respect and dignity, which has taken a very active interest in the promotion of international standards and the safeguarding of the child. This is something I have learned through my experiences, as well as through speaking with others. When I first came to Norway, I had little knowledge about human rights and children's rights, and I had only a very vague idea about how I would become involved in this situation. I was unaware that there were any requirements for an orphan to acquire Norwegian nationality in order to become a family member of this child living abroad. However, I thought that in order to become a family member of this child, the child
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Hello in this video I want to show you how you can make registration forms or some kind of form that people can fill in their names telephone numbers you can have a place where they can pick date you can also have like a drop-down button for a list of cities or say a workshop that you had and people can fill it up in word, and they can email the file back to you so you don't have, and they can even fill it up in Word and then print it you can also have a place for them to put in their picture if they needed it, so I've got Word 2013 open but which is similar to 2010 and everything I talk about your you'll be able to do it in 2007 also, and I'll try to highlight some minor differences, so you can follow along with me so say here I want you to create a workshop form, so something like that now before I go ahead I want to save my work, so I'm going to click on the Save button and I want to save this as a template the idea of the template is that when you create a new blank document you can open the template, and then you can make changes to it and then save the file with a new name so that any changes you make doesn't affect the template, and then you can just email that file to somebody, so I'm going to click on the Save button, and then I'm going to click on browse now in 2007 and 2010 usually this window pops up the save as window, and you change the save as type from word document you change it to word template, and then I'll give it a name I'll just say my workshop form I've got some other ones that I have created in the past, so you need to give it a name, and it saves the file in this folder called custom office templates automatically which is under my documents which is fine I'll click Save, so now the file has been saved now I want to start adding some content here so let's see some just going to say that I want to collect people's first name last name I want to get their cell number or home number whatever you wanted they are email address I want their address, so I'm just trying to create like those sections and then whatever information I want I can just keep typing their heading so see province or state postal code country and spelling mistake they're corrected and then say I wanted to also choose sex like are they male and female for this I'm going to leave a blank because I want to put like a circle there were people can choose and also say I wanted to ask them questions about what computer programs do you know so, and I want to do it like that where people will be able to choose like a check marks I'm going to put Word Excel PowerPoint outlook etc, so now I'm just trying to start creating what my document should look like maybe I'm just going to hit enter here and in the corner maybe I wanted to or here I want to do put a place where people can add their picture, so I'll just leave that spot empty for now what I want to do is start adding content holders where people will be able to type their first name and last name rather than...
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